News from Westville, NJ

‘What is Local Government’ – Westville, NJ

Reading Time: 14:4 min

Local government is the administrative body responsible for managing the affairs of a specific town, city, or county. These entities…

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Analyzing Parkview Elementary School’s Budget and Academic Performance

Reading Time: 3:20 min

Introduction Parkview Elementary School, part of the Westville School District in Gloucester County, NJ, serves students from pre-kindergarten through sixth…

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Westville School District: Analyzing Our Academic Performance

Reading Time: 4:18 min

Overview Westville School District, nestled in Gloucester County, NJ, prides itself on providing quality education to its students. However, to…

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Welcoming Campbell Lock and Safe to Downtown Westville’s Business Directory

Reading Time: 1:28 min

Big news, Westville! We’re thrilled to welcome Campbell Lock & Safe, Inc to our Downtown Westville business directory. This family-run…

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Downtown Westville Directory Welcomes Bear Productions: Your Party Starts Here!

Reading Time: 0:45 min

Hey Westville, get ready to party! Bear Productions has just landed in our Downtown directory, and they’re here to turn…

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Laugh Out Loud in Westville: Vince Valentine’s Comedy Collective

Reading Time: 4:11 min

WESTVILLE, NJ – Gear up for a night where the giggles don’t stop! Westville Brewery & Stella’s Banquet Hall is…

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Strengthening Downtown Westville: Our Roots, Vision, and Community Commitment

Reading Time: 2:39 min

Learn about’s unique journey, powered by apprentices, and our ongoing efforts to engage with the Westville Business Association…

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Outpost Cafe: Westville’s Newest Coffee and Tea Hotspot Opens Its Doors

Reading Time: 3:43 min

Westville celebrates as the Outpost Cafe opens its doors at 201 Broadway, offering a unique blend of coffee and tea.…

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Ish from Piston Diner winning Preston and Steve's Soup Bowl 2024

Soup Bowl 2024 Champion: Piston Diner brings home Silver Ladel from WMMR

Reading Time: 2:13 min

Nestled in Westville, NJ, at 821 Crown Point Rd., Piston Diner proudly boasts its recent triumph at WMMR’s Soup Bowl…

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